I cheated on him with his brother … And with the other also part 1

Sex with Orlando had gone into monotony … I felt dissatisfied and my profiles on three different nympho websites gave me absolutely right. I still did not dare to cheat him skin to skin, but while my husband was working I used to flip myself on webcam with other perverts of fat dicks, foreign accents and aberrant minds like mine, who asked me to put the broomstick in my ass , to fuck me really hard and to the bottom my hairbrush.

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Do not get me wrong, I love Orlando and it’s my life, but the sex was boring … It’s like making a transaction … During the week we had dinner in our apartment, took a shower, went to bed and between 10:30 and 11:00 at night I lifted my pajamas, I sucked my tits, I spent two minutes and I put her in missionary for 25 to 30 minutes. But it was not always like this … Until our third anniversary of marriage, sex was great … But something happened now that we have been married for five years … We are both young, we do not have children and it does not deceive me, I proved that.


I always thought that José Daniel, my husband’s second brother, was very sexy and his popularity with girls gave me every reason. We are the same age, so my relationship with him was always one of camaraderie … Until on a hot summer, during a visit to my in-laws’ house, I went into his room and saw him naked. He was fresh out of the shower so he could still see the drops of water sliding down his athletic body. I remained motionless in the door appreciating her hard buttocks, dark skin, tremendous back and hairy legs.

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Turning around I found a thick cock, with veins with a beautiful green and a big red head … «Why God Roxanna no one knows the word privacy ?!» He exclaimed taking the towel and covering his sex.

Her wake-up call shook me, abruptly pulling me out of my fantasy so I answered between embarrassed but horny, keeping my hands inside the little red polka-dot dresses she was wearing: «I’m sorry, your parents are in the car with Orlando. . They go for groceries and they want to know if you go with them. «

«And … you want me to go cu-ña-di-ta?» He asked releasing the towel.

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«Please, no,» my inner whore whispered …

I ran out of the room and told my husband and in-laws that «José Daniel was sleeping because the door was tight and he heard his snoring.» They left with the commitment that I would advance the food … And that I did hehehe.

When I returned, my cuñis was still naked sitting on the back of the bed. I sensed a hint of nerves on his part, as if re-evaluating things. But no, I could not let the morale win! … I was fucking horny and I wanted to eat that cock … I had to be satisfied!

I immediately picked up my little dress, climbed on top of it and kissed it as a nymphomaniac. I put my tongue in his mouth and when we met his, we started an erotic game of saliva, bites and a lot of suction … I could taste the mint on his lips and smell the exquisite bath gel in his hair, that made me burst with pleasure. While José Daniel took me for the mules with one hand and with the other he rejoiced squeezing and massaging my tan-colored tits, I rubbed my pelvis on his naked cock. The lace of my underwear gave me more pleasure, so in a matter of seconds I soaked my panties.

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«Roxanna, you’re going to drive me crazy!» She exclaimed …

«I want that!», I answered with vehemence …

He needed to feel my sex and let go of my tits to play the explorer … He ran aside my white lace thong and gave a little pull to my clitoris … Wowwww! That made me scream and I could feel the blood running more in my shell … He touched me making circles with his fingers flooded with my juices, while I kept rubbing his cock …

«Oh please do not stop! … Touch me … Do it as your brother’s asshole does … Teach him to be a man!», Motivated him and also me …

«So, Orlando’s boasting does not give you a fucking deal? … Does not it catch you as you deserve? … It’s time to give you a good cock!» He whispered in my ear …

José Daniel sank his huge, long middle finger into my shell making me lose my breath. I moved it so fast that I shuddered so I dug my nails into his back. Desperate, I removed her hand from my pussy and urgently began to rub the head of his cock on my clitoris until finally I could sit on it.

Fuck, what a feeling! His cock was so hard, throbbing and hot that I felt in glory. I began to ride without mercy while moaning with pleasure … I was mesmerized by the way they looked at me those beautiful green eyes when I begged cock and smiled with pleasure.

While continuing with eye contact, I began to move more and faster. I jumped up and down, inserting my hips with circular movements and from left to right. I added more emotion by releasing my tight breasts from the dress and putting them on her face.

«Eat my tits!» I ordered …

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José Daniel bit my breasts and had no mercy with my nipples, he nibbled, chewed and pulled. That feeling put my goosebumps, giving me a delicious orgasm that contracted the muscles of my pussy, creating more friction for the cock of my cuñadito and causing it to spill all, all, inside me … He emptied all his milk into my pussy oily as he squeezed me tightly and shouted: «Here you have your hot milk bitch!».

After a few seconds sitting on him, feeling the throb of his cock I wanted to take a shower. «Come with me … We should wash our little peccadillo a bit,» I said smiling.

I took off my panties, and the dress slowly in front of him. José Daniel was amazed by my 27 year old body and the way it spilled milk from my shell. Already in the shower he kissed and carved his back. I felt his cock take power again, so I knelt to mom. I had my juices, their milk and that delicious taste to him.

He put me on his feet, he imprisoned me against the bathroom partition and with his back again he put it into me, this time pumping harder, as if he wanted to destroy my pussy. While I was nailing I felt the cold water in all my sane and warm hands squeezing my tits.

«Here comes the second batch of cuñadita milk ahhhhhhhhhhhh», she spilled her salty juice in my pussy. With a kiss I finished our first meeting and left the shower quickly.

Ten minutes later I was in the kitchen, dressed, without panties (I gave them to José Daniel as a trophy) and waiting for my husband. After a few seconds, my mother-in-law’s shrill voice said:

«Roxanna! We brought everything for the food and we met Emilio at the door «…

To be continue…

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