Perverting my mom’s friend

Kathy, is the best friend of my mom, a 46 year old woman, tall, blonde with short hair, honey eyes, and a great body thanks to her Pilates classes.

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One day, he tells my mom that her husband cheats on her with a woman 15 years younger than her and for that reason she will ask for a divorce. My mother talks to him about me, and without consulting me, he offers me my lawyer services, something I thanked him because I could look for an opportunity to be with a tremendous woman.

Already in my offices, Kathy tells me about the minors in their relationship, and ends by asking is it that I am not attractive anymore?

<I would make you mine already, if you let me>, rays! I exclaimed! I could not believe in that impulse to say that unconsciously. As expected, that response caught her off guard.

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<apology Kathy, it was not my intention to make you feel uncomfortable>, I could not think of anything else to say. Indescribably, she says: -you’ve only said that you did not want to make me feel uncomfortable-, <so it is>, -so deep down if you want to make me yours.

I could not believe the turn of this conversation.

-You know something, let’s leave the subject of divorce for a moment- Kathy said at the time that she sat me in front of my legs, leaving her tits at the height of my face. -Whatever you want, let’s do it-

By that time, she was already feeling my erection brushing her vagina. -What a big deal you have, I want it all-

<you will have it all>, to which she gets off of me and unbuttons my pants, my already hard and wet penis is the victim of her mouth and her tongue.

After a few minutes she turns on her back in a chair, letting me see her wet vagina and her spectacular ass, inside of me I thought about what Pilates does.

Without warning, I push her hard, my cock penetrated more than that wet vagina

-don’t stop baby, so I like hard-, his words kindled me more and more. <and that ass, will also be mine today>

-clear, but that one you take me soft, I’ve never done it around-

<I do my work, and I see how he gets more excited>, until I gently eat his ass, well justito. What a delicious sensation

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When she gets used to my penis in her anus, she goes back with each penetration of mine, <Kathy, I’m going to get there>; -Listen to me the ass of your milk my love-

Lying on the sofa, we looked at each other and laughed, thinking about what had just happened.

<Kathy, I have gone against my ethics, after this I can not be your lawyer>

-I know my love, I do not love you anymore as a lawyer, it’s enough for us to meet in your office more often-

-What do you say? –

From that question, 9 months have passed, and Kathy is still going to my office. Perverted lady.

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